Well reputed dyno centers near Nürburg?



My GSX_R 1000 has an Akrapovic EVO full system. I'd like to bring it to the dyno and have the fuelling checked.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a dynocenter in the area between Achen-Köln-Koblenz-Nürburg?

I am looking for a well reputed tuner knows what he is doing, and knows the GSX-R well. Expert knowledge more important than low price.

I have spoken to Hennes Löhr (LKM) in Bonn, but he do not want to work with bikes he did not engine tune, hence I need to find someone else.

Thanks in advance.

Jørund Seim


<blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">Zitat:</font><hr>Original erstellt von Nowa:
<strong>Hallo Jörund,
look under www.tuningcompany.de and go to "kainzinger".</strong><hr></blockquote>

Hi Nowa.

Thanks for your reply. I realize I wrote Achen-Köln-Koblenz-Nürburg above, but I meant the area between *Aachen* -Köln-Koblenz-Nürburg.

I have heard about Kainzinger, but is this that the only option? No other places worth visiting, located a little closer to Nürburg? From my garage to Hockenheim and back, it is 500km to ride, making it a full day job to get it tested.

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